Friday, September 23, 2011

Ten Smart Interviewing Tips

1. Prepare for the interview
Over two thirds of employers surveyed say that the number one reason a job applicant lost the interview was evident lack of preparation.

2. Dress appropriately for the special occasion that is an interview.
When you put your best foot forward, make sure your shoes are shined.

3. Listen to be heard.
If you are not listening, neither are they.

4. Wear a smile.
Never leave home without it.

5. Show interest to be interesting.
Lean in and reflect on, talk about, what they are saying.

6. Express enthusiasm and excitement.
Anxiety and nervousness leave when positive energy shows up.

7. Create a conversation with good questions.
An interrogation is one sided; an interview should be a win-win.

8. Lead and keep returning to your strengths.
Your assets, and how they can help the interviewer/company succeed, are all that matter.

9. Act as if...
Your behavior drowns out your words.

10. Take the responsibilty for follow up.
Show that you care by staying in touch.

Today, and every month, I conduct an interviewing seminar with these tips and many more plus a chance for you to practice interviewing. And come join me on September 28 I will be at the J Seekers group meeting, Oak Park JCC, 9:30am, sharing more interviewing tips and tricks.

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