Monday, May 11, 2009

Getting Started

So something happened. So you lost your job. So now what?

You are tired. It hurt. It's scary. You don't want to think about it.

What about tomorrow?

Maybe it's time to take that break. That break you earned, you really deserve.

Okay, it's your choice. It's always your choice.

Maybe you didn't choose to leave your job, to change everything, to lose what you had. But you can choose what you do about it.

But taking that deserved time off would be a good thing, right?

Maybe...but you can't get too comfortable with can't turn your break into an overextended denial vacation.

Maybe after a couple weeks or so it would be time to get back to work.

The work of finding your next job, making your next opportunity, getting back into the thick of things...back to the land of the living.

Start with open discussions with your family and your friends. Share your thoughts and your feelings and ask for their advice, their help. Make it okay for both you and your family to be open about how you all feel.

No blame, no wrongdoing, just healing and help...and all help is welcome...even if the help sounds less than helpful, it is someone trying to help...and we all need help.

Negative feelings are to be acknowledged, but not embraced. Positive feelings are to be celebrated and shared.

It's about taking action, about doing something, anything to keep moving, to find and go after that next chapter. It is more difficult to hold onto negative thoughts and feelings when you are active and involved.

Don't be a problem dweller. Be a problem solver.

Okay, start with that break, that time off. Maybe you already have. Maybe it's time to get back to work. Maybe you don't have a choice and you HAVE to get back to work. Well, get started!

Make a plan. What is your goal? What kind of job are you looking for? What are your objectives? Set up your daily schedule. What are your deadlines? Assemble your team -- your family and your friends. Identify your targets -- make a list of the companies you want to contact, to connect with. Start looking for those companies on the Internet -- in the job banks, on their websites, in the news. And look for contacts with those companies with the help of your family and your friends.

And get help wherever you can.

I will be creating a number of online groups over the next few weeks including a group on LinkedIn. Join me there and elsewhere.

And I and JVS are not alone in being there for you.

I will be posting names and info about groups and resources that can help you.

And please share your thoughts and concerns and questions with me and others through your comments on my posts.

The appearance and content of this blog will change from time to time as I try to find my/our voice. Your feedback is wanted.