Monday, November 29, 2010

The Four Basic Steps to a Successful Job Search - Step 2

As stated in Step 1 - Make Contacts, a job search is really very simple.

And this bears repeating.

No secrets, no magic, no special skills or hidden markets...just four simple steps.
BUT you do need to take action. You do need to make the effort. And you do need to keep at it, to stay the course. It is your responsibility, and your responsibility alone, to start and to stop.

Step 2 is Follow Up.

"Success comes from taking the initiative and following up..." Anthony Robbins

Once you have started, initiated contacts, then you assume the responsibility to stay in touch. It is up to you to keep the contact going.

Not only is it very unlikely that the employer, recruiter, contact, with whom you are trying to connect will have the time or be able to make the effort to respond to your application, resume, email or phone call; but when you follow up you also take the opportunity to demonstrate your interest, seriousness, commitment, persistence and many other desirable qualities.

In fact, most employers await your follow up to see how you handle yourself. And the applicants that follow up are always more likely to get the employers attention.

Add to your follow up efforts by thinking of, and doing, things that add value to your application.

Share information of interest to the employer. Email a website, an article, or news that shows your deeper interest in the company and gives something of value to them.

But, above all, stay in touch. Even if it is a 30 second phone message or a brief email message that expresses your continued interest and availability, staying in touch is a requirement.

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