Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's the hold up?

Why the delay?

It has been over three weeks since I started this blog and this is only the second entry.

What keeps us from doing what needs to be done?

What is keeping YOU from looking for your next job?

I got stuck because of two things.

Too many demands with too little time...many, many phone calls, emails, meetings and every caller, every emailer wants to be the most important.

And is what I blog good enough, important enough, for someone, anyone to pay attention?

How about you?

How are you managing your job search work, your job search time and all the other demands of life? What are your priorities? How did you handle all those demands when you were working the 40, 50 or more hours every week?

And why haven't you sent out your resume or set up that meeting yet? Is your resume not good enough? Are you not sure if you will make the best impression when you go to that meeting? Are you not prepared?

Well, forget all that.

"A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week." George S. Patton

Do something, anything, now, every day, to keep moving. Something now is better than nothing now.

Take action. Your progress is measured by the number of mistakes you make.

"The man who makes no mistake does not usually make anything." Edward Phelps

By the way, even if you write the perfect resume, only as little as one out of twenty, that's 5%, of resumes ever get read by any real person. That's a 95% chance your perfect resume will go nowhere. That's the resume you worked so hard to perfect...perfect, but neglected and ignored.

Oh, yeah, the odds for your not-so-perfect, maybe even crappy, resume being read by a real person are at least as good as, if not better, than your perfect resume.

It's better to work on making good contacts, connections to the right people, than to work on making your resume perfect.

A construction foreman told me he hired a young man who came to the work site and handed him this resume.


The young man's secret? He went to the work site. He made himself visable. He made the right impression with the right person.

Stop worrying about being perfect and get out there and meet people. Every day. Make at least that your priority.

And don't forget to come over here to JVS in Southfield any Monday evening at 6:30pm or Thursday afternoon at 1:30pm to meet and get help from even more people.

We will be looking out for you.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Something Happened

Something happened.

I did not really love my job, but some things about it I liked. And I got paid so I could have a family, a home, a car, and do fun things and buy stuff I enjoyed. And I was safe from really, really bad things happening.

Then something happened.

I was worried for a long time. Maybe not the kind of worry that you think about every day, but the kind that nags you when you aren't thinking about anything in particular. I was worried when I heard talk about other people losing their jobs. But I was happy it wasn't me. And then, for a little while, I wasn't as worried.

But then something happened.

I did not believe it at first. I had been working so very, very hard to keep my job. Harder than ever in my life. But they did not see, they did not care. It was just so unfair.

Something happened and I lost my job.

Give me a break.

At first I just wanted a break, to be left alone. I had been working so hard, worrying so hard, I needed time off. Time to think, time to recover, time to feel better. My family, my friends, everybody else needed to understand that. But they did not always understand. Sure, they did not want it to happen. I did not want it to happen. But it did.

I needed a break.

No need to worry. Things will be okay. I was a valued employee. I am a hard worker. I give 100%...and more. Some company will be lucky to have me work for them. When they get my application, see my resume, they will want to talk to me. They will want to offer me the job. But they did not offer me the job, the interview, or even the time of day.

I needed a break.

Just give me a chance. Let me talk to you. I will tell you what you need to hear. I know I am perfect for the job. You will see.

Where is my break?

I do not need your help. I just need a job.

But the people who have the jobs are not helping me. What is their problem? If they give me a job, I can help them. But they do not seem to want my help. What is wrong with them? Is there something wrong with me? Am I not good enough? It is just so unfair.

I became worried. Then I was scared. Then I felt confused...and lost...and helpless...

Then I thought that maybe I do need help. Maybe I could use some help. And when I did admit that, when I opened myself to help, I found help at JVS. And when I accepted help, any and all help given, accepted it with an open heart and mind, I found more help. And when I appreciated that help, when I was thankful for that help, I found even more help. And when I began to help others, I found help everywhere.

And then something happened.

I have begun to help myself and I am no longer helpless.

And good things are beginning to happen once again.

You can find help at: