Monday, January 31, 2011

Be a Source of Good Feelings

Why would anyone want to take your phone call or read and answer your email?

If you are looking for a job and the extent of your contacts is limited to sending resumes and completing applications, then you are no different than any other job seeker.

How can you make yourself special?

You certainly have to apply for jobs, especially those that are not being advertised, the hidden job market, but what else are you doing to be memorable?

How about adding good feelings to the equation?

Success in your job search has as much to do with fostering good feelings as with being qualified for the job.

You have to be positive, professional and patiently persistent, but also consider being the bearer of good news, good thoughts, good wishes.

A counselor friend of mine built her business by creating a Good News newsletter that she mailed to several dozen CEOs of major corporations. Several of those supposedly unapproachable executives contacted her personally to thank her for bringing some good feelings to their otherwise stressful day.

How about sharing a good natured, inspirational quotation with some of the hiring managers with whom you are trying to connect? Nothing more than a gesture of good will.

No resume, no application, just good feelings.

That might make all the difference in being remembered when that hiring decision is being made.

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Walt Tarrow