Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The ABCs of Job Search - Part 1

A is for Apply.

Apply to every job that you meet at least 1/2 of the requirements.
Apply to everywhere you want to work even if the company is not hiring; especially if the company is not hiring. They will be hiring some day and you will be at the front of the line; maybe there won't even be a line, just you.

B is for Build Connections.

Build connections to keep your application, your resume, you out of cold storage and moving on to the next step, to the interview and beyond.
Build new contacts and forge those contacts into connections to advise, to inform, to support and to refer you to other connections.

C is for Care.

Care about the job opening and act like it.
Care about the company and act like it.
Care about the people that work there and act like it.
Care about your network, your connections, your family, your friends and ACT like it.