Thursday, September 1, 2011

Staying Happy During Your Job Search

"Remember happiness doesn't depend on who you are or what you have; it depends solely upon what you think." Dale Carnegie

Colleen Oakley,, had a quiz, Sunny Side Up, in the July 31st issue of Parade magazine about being happy.

I would like to share her ten points, with an additional comment from me, which may be of help in keeping that happy face while you look for that dream job.

1. Cheerful people generally don't give happiness much thought. My thought is that happiness happens most when you are not looking for it. Remember the old axiom "ignorance is bliss."

2. Research shows that vacation-goers feel happiest a month before they take off for their destination. Nothing beats the fun of anticipation. Use the positive power of visualization to keep your spirits up.

3. How happy you are is 50% genetic, 40% influenced by how you think and act every day and only 10% influenced by life circumstances. Happy people tend to be happy even when life would seem ready to get them down.

4. To get the most enjoyment out of your work life, you should make friends with your coworkers. And to get the most productivity out of your job search, make friends with your fellow job seekers.

5. If you're sad, reading a novel is more likely to cheer you up than watching reruns of your favorite sitcom or tuning in to the news. Reading works your mind in a way that watching TV never can. An active mind is more likely to be a happy mind.

6. If you have a little free time, the activity which will bring you the most pleasure is spending time with nature outdoors. Physical activity outside has continually been shown to have positive effects, even biochemically.

7. Optimists are not necessarily happier than pessimists. Realistic expectations may prove to keep disappointment at bay.

8. Music, any kind of music, is an instant mood booster. Enough said...

9. Taking fish oil every day can actually help battle depression. Proper diet and daily exercise are essential basic steps toward success and well being.

10. Disney's Peter Pan was right in saying "think happy thoughts." And back to Dale at the top.

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